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SWEAT – Wed, Jun 5

    Train West Van – SWEAT

    Warm Up

    3 Min Machine Warm up:

    Followed By Stretching. 30 seconds-1 minute in each position of:


    -Supine Twist


    -Down Dog

    WORKOUT (Time)

    ‘Beach Babes”

    10 Rounds:

    3 Devils Press

    6 Ab Mat Sit Ups

    7 Cal Echo Bike

    10 Rounds:

    3 DB Thrusters

    6 Burpee over DB

    7 Cal Echo Bike

    10 Rounds:

    3 DB Shoulder to OH

    6 Hand Release Push Up

    7 Cal Echo Bike.
    One partner will workout while other rests. Do a total of 5 rounds on each section. No rest, just move from one part to the next.

    Ideally keeping the same DB weight across each part