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SWEAT – Mon, Jun 3


    With the gym becoming busier within the last few months and still growing (Thank you everyone) we will be adding on additional coaches when needed during busy classes. Class capacity is generally set at 16 per class. However I will increase this capacity based on

    1. Demand
    2. The Workout itself
    3. Coach Availability

    For these reasons, Please ensure you are signing into class as early as you can. Sign ups are open 7 Days in advance of the class, this will help the coaches a lot. Of course, try and limit late cancellations to allow for other athletes who wish to book that class an easier time.

    Train West Van – SWEAT

    Warm Up

    2 Rounds of-

    3 min Machine

    20 Banded Good Mornings

    10 Spider Mans (5 each side)

    10 Air Squats

    Then, warm up you KB movements for the day and get started !

    WORKOUT (AMRAP – Reps)

    “Summer Lovin”

    2 Sets of:

    Min 0-5

    -500m Row

    -Amrap KB Swings

    Min 5-6 REST

    Min 6-11

    -500m Ski

    -Amrap KB Snatches

    Min 11-12 REST

    Min 12-17

    -24/30 Cal Echo

    -Amrap Goblet Squats
    Weight of You Choosing for the Workout

    -Coach Lucy missing you all but enjoying the sunshine of Airlie Beach. Make sure you really go for it on the amrap parts and try and do BIG sets.