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SWEAT – Mon, Jun 10

    Train West Van – SWEAT

    Warm Up

    3 min Machine (Preferably a bike)


    Coach Led Stretch:

    30s-1min Stretching

    Eg: Pigeon, Calf Stretches, Lunge Stretch etc.

    WORKOUT (No Measure)


    3 Rounds

    R1: 8 x 20 Seconds On | 40 Seconds Recovery

    R2: 8 x 30 Seconds On | 30 Seconds Recovery

    R3: 8 x 40 Seconds On | 20 Seconds Recovery
    2 mins Rest after Each Round

    The “ON” part is going at a Hard Pace and “Recovery” is a Easy Pace, NOT A FULL REST. So you still are moving in the “Recovery” Part