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Skill/Additional Work – Mon, May 13


    Programming going forward will be Training Think Tank Compete/RX

    I [Rob] Personally have been following this for 3 Years and have seen great results, while implementing that style of training as much as Class allows within the last few years. As many of you know, we also utilize the Conjugate Strength Philosophy and we have been adding that into class as well [Variations on Heavy Single Reps of Upper and Lower body movements, up-to Triples, Alongside Dynamic Upper and Lower Days]

    With a Competitive Training programme, which many of you enjoy, I have added in ‘Extra Credit’ Work to be done outside of class, this can be done before or after class, providing it is away from the Class that is in session.

    Once a week – I will be also adding in Progressions on certain movements under ‘Skill/Additional Work’ Tab

    PS. As Classes become busier, lets ensure we are always working as a team, help each other load/unload bars, communicate about Space, Sign up in advance. You are all Amazing, Thank you!

    Train West Van – Skill/Additional Work

    Toes To Bar Development (Checkmark)

    3 Sets of 6 –

    Arch to Hollow Swing

    3 Sets of 6 –

    Arch to Hollow + Knee Tuck

    Toes To Bar

    3 Sets of 6

    As close to bar as possible if not there yet

    4 Alternating Sets

    [Rest 0:30 Between]

    Loaded Compression Stretch 0:30

    10-15 Seated Toes To Bar Pulses

    Hanging L-Sit Hold for 0:15-25 [Tuck]