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CrossFit – Wed, Feb 14

    Train West Van – CrossFit

    Warm Up – Coaches Choice (No Measure)

    Handstand Push Up (Checkmark)

    Beginner [Have None]

    3 Sets of 0:20-0:30 Tripod Headstand

    [Rest as needed]

    Accumulate 20 Top to Bottom Lower to Headstand

    *start with lowering your head down and then bringing knees down

    As you build confidence, work on bringing your knees down as you bring your head down

    Intermediate [Have Some Reps]

    6 Sets

    2-5 Kipping Handstand Push Ups

    5 DB Shoulder to Overhead

    [Rest 1-1]

    Advanced HSPU [Have 10+ Reps]

    1 Max Effort Set SHSPU

    [Rest 2:00]

    3 x 50% of Max Effort Set

    [Rest 2:00 between]

    If 50% reps are easy, add in Banded Strict Press Burnout Set to Failure

    WOD (Time)

    For Time [13:00 Cap]

    40 Box Jumps [20/24″]

    20 Deadlifts

    10 Wall Walks

    20 Deadlifts

    40 Box Jumps

    [Rx+ = 30 Deadlifts [155/225lbs] 15 Wall Walks]
    Barbell should be moderate weight that can be completed in 2 Sets or less when fresh