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CrossFit – Tue, Feb 6

    Train West Van – CrossFit

    Warm Up (No Measure)

    0:20 Work x 12

    Bottoms Up KB Snatch

    Bottoms Up KB Snatch

    Split Squat Hold

    Split Squat Hold

    Scap Push Up

    Down Dog

    Strict Press (Weight)

    Every 1:45 x 8 [Alternating]

    Odd :- 16 Toe Elevated

    RDLs with DBs [3111]

    + 12 Band Pull Throughs

    Even:- 3 Strict Press + 6 Push Press

    and 15 Band Pull Aparts

    *aim for 5-10lbs heavier than previous weeks
    Score is Strict Press

    WOD (AMRAP – Reps)

    EMOM x 18

    1] AMRAP Rope Climbs

    2] AMRAP Wall Walks

    3] Rest

    4] AMRAP Cal Bike

    5] AMRAP Wall Walks

    6] Rest
    RX+ = Echo Bike

    Score is number of Climbs, Wall Walks, Cals added together

    Sub for Rope Climbs today is Floor to Standing Rope Climb

    Get into groups of 3-4 to share Equipment