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CrossFit – Tue, Apr 9

    Train West Van – CrossFit

    Warm Up (No Measure)

    2 Rounds

    100m Run

    Mini Plank Clock / Side

    30 Mini Band Pull Aparts

    0:20 Active Bar Hang

    Gymnastics Pulling (No Measure)

    EMOM x 18


    1] 0:15 Pulling Progression

    2] 0:15 Banded High Rows

    3] 0:15 Hollow Hold

    Increase by 0:05 every completed round, ending at 0:40 on the last round


    Beginner – Chin Up Hold/Ring Row

    Intermediate – Beat Swing + Kip / Banded Pull Up

    Advanced – Strict/Kipping/Chest To Bar
    Similar to 2 Weeks ago – Ensure you choose a progression thats challenging to start and if it gets too much, drop down to easier progression. Key is to keep moving for the work periods

    WOD (Time)

    For Time

    40 Box Jump Overs [20/24]

    30 DB Deadlifts

    20 Burpees Over DB

    400m Run

    20 Burpees Over DB

    30 DB Deadlifts

    40 Box Jump Overs [20/24]

    Athletes MUST step down on Box Jump Overs

    RX+ = 60/40/20 Reps

    35/50lb DBs
    Little Chipper with some big numbers at the start and end

    Pace the first part smart to be able to continuously move through the second part with minimal rest

    Extra Credit (No Measure)

    100 Banded Hammer Curls