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CrossFit – Tue, Apr 16

    Train West Van – CrossFit

    Warm Up (No Measure)

    3 Rounds

    10 Cossack Squats w/Pause in bottom

    15 Wide Stance Barbell Good Morning

    0:20 Plank Hold

    0:20 Hollow Hold

    Sumo Deadlift

    5-3-1 [Building]


    3 x 1 Building to Max Effort

    [Rest 2:00-3:00 between sets]

    **Lower bar to floor with control, aim to not make a sound while building

    Max Effort Sets can drop

    Lower Accessory (Weight)

    Every 1:30 x 8 Rounds

    1] 6/6 DB Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat

    2] 20-30 Banded Good Mornings
    Use Challenging DB’s if experienced with Split Squat, if not, keep constant tension

    Use Thick Band for Good Mornings

    Accessory (No Measure)

    50 Banded Hamstring Curls

    50 Standing Banded Crunch