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CrossFit – Thu, Mar 21

    Train West Van – CrossFit


    Deadstop 5-5-5-5-5-5

    Between Sets – Perform 15 Banded Pull Throughs

    [Rest 2:00 between sets]

    As with Tuesday, keep the intensity lower post Open

    Newer athletes use this time to focus on perfecting position, this can

    be done through risers or adjusting position to match athletes limb length

    Warm Up (No Measure)

    25 Bent Over Banded Rows

    5 Vertical Jumps [Easy]

    25 Plank Walks

    5 Vertical Jumps [High]

    25 Banded Good Mornings

    Accessory (No Measure)

    4 Sets

    15-20 Banded Reverse Hyper on GHD

    [1:00 Rest]

    15 Cable Push Downs [Straight Arms]

    [1:00 Rest]

    15/15 Bench Supported DB Rows

    [1:00 Rest]

    Accumulate 100 Heavy Band Good Mornings in as few sets as possible