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CrossFit – Thu, Feb 8

    Train West Van – CrossFit

    Warm Up (No Measure)

    5:00 Group Mobilization

    Plyo Primer (No Measure)

    4 Sets

    3-4 Reps Seated to Box Jump

    For Hight Catch, not box height

    [Rest 0:30]

    20 Banded Pull Throughs

    [Rest 1:00]

    Box Squat (Weight)

    Banded Box Squat

    Every 2:00 x 8 Sets

    3 Reps @ Heavier Weight than Last week

    Ensure we are starting at Moderate Load that we can confidently move.

    Band Tension Likely Red Bands

    – Box Height should be JUST below parallel, so use Stacked Plates

    Regular Box Squat if missed any of last 3 Box Squat Cycles

    Accessory (Weight)


    100 Sumo Deadlifts [Semi Straight Leg]

    Must be done in Sets of 20-30

    RX+ = Unbroken

    100 Half Sit Ups to Bar