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CrossFit – Mon, Mar 11

    Train West Van – CrossFit

    Warm Up (No Measure)

    2:00 Machine Ramp Up

    Barbell Warm Up w/Coach


    Every 2:00 x 3

    w/Empty Bar Only

    3-5 Snatch Pull Unders

    3-5 Pressing Snatch Balance

    **Take this time in rest to get out weights to build

    Every 1:00 x 9

    1 Pause Pull Snatch

    Pause at Knee on Pull, Pause in Catch for 3 Seconds

    Build over 4-5 Rounds then stay consistent for the EMOM

    No Misses 70-80%

    Squat or Power

    Snatch Technique

    Teams of 2 (Time)

    Teams of 2 [20:00 Cap]

    4 Rounds for Time

    30/40 Cal Bike

    40 Wallballs [14/20]

    30 Hang Power Snatch [55/75lbs]

    RX+ = 5 Rounds
    Intensity and intention here is HARD bike due to team WOD, and getting into quick Unbroken movements