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CrossFit – Mon, Jun 3

    Train West Van – CrossFit

    Barbell Warm Up w/Coach (No Measure)

    Clean Complex (Weight)

    Every 1:45 x 6 Sets

    Clean Pull From Blocks

    Clean from Blocks

    Front Squat

    Quick Reset between Pull and Clean

    Tech Focus, Should be NO Misses

    Blocks – Stack Mats so barbell is set up just below knee

    Back Rack Reverse Lunge (3 Rounds for weight)

    1-2 Warm Up Sets then

    3 Sets

    8/8 Per Side

    6/6 Per Side

    4/4 Per Side

    **Between Sets –

    90% Ring Support Hold

    – Sets are not alternating legs, keeping shin perpendicular to floor, Perform 8 on one side, then 8 on Other, As

    Heavy as you can while maintaining control and form
    Record all Sets

    Rope Climbs (No Measure)

    If you HAVE Rope Climbs

    2 Sets – Max Duration Bent Arm Rope Hang

    – Alternate Top on each set

    – Face Should be Level with Top Hang

    No Rope Climbs

    2 Sets – Max Duration Chin Over Bar Hold

    – Leave 2/3 Seconds in Tank on First Hold


    Rope Climb Practice w/Coach