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CrossFit – Mon, Jun 17

    Train West Van – CrossFit

    Barbell Warm Up w/Coach (No Measure)

    Hang Clean

    Using the same blocks format as previous weeks

    18:00 Timer

    Build to Tough Single from Hang Position Above Knee

    – at 9:00 –

    Switch to Clean from Blocks at Knee or Just Below and Build to Tough Single

    – Score Heaviest Lift and Note Position

    WOD (Weight)

    3 Sets

    6 Sandbag Squats or KB Goblet Squats [Heavy] [3030 Tempo]

    [Rest 0:30]

    24 Alt Jumping Lunges

    [Rest 0:30]

    24 Overhead Squats

    [Rest as needed]

    Intent is Squat Endurance, the same as Last Tuesday

    Expect more dense squat based movements to focus on building leg endurance

    – Goal this week is unbroken

    movements – choose loading to accomplish this

    RX+ Hold DBs when performing Jumping Lunges

    55/75lb Overhead Squat

    Accessory (No Measure)

    3 Sets

    1:00 Wall Sit

    [Rest 1:00]

    1:00 Banded Hamstring Curls

    [Rest 1:00]

    Extra Credit (No Measure)

    3 Sets

    1:00 Seated Compression

    [1:00 Rest]

    3 Alternating Sets

    0:35 Max Bent Knee Hollow Rocks

    [Rest 0:30]

    0:35 Forearm Plank

    [Rest 0:30]

    0:35 Max V-Ups

    [Rest 2:00]