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CrossFit – Fri, Jun 28

    Train West Van – CrossFit

    Barbell Warm Up w/Coach (No Measure)

    WOD (Time)

    For Time


    Power Clean

    Back Squat

    Burpee Pull Up

    RX+ = 105/155lbs

    Burpee Chest To Bar
    – Back Squats must be taken

    from Floor

    – Ensure you are dumping the bar

    from the back rack safely.

    If unable to – Sub for Double DB Squat


    Teams of 2


    – Divide Work Evenly, One Athlete Working at a time

    Hang Power Clean

    Build to 1RM

    Extra Credit (No Measure)

    3 Sets Each For Time

    16-24 V-Ups

    16-24 Alternating Single Leg V-Ups

    16-24 Tucked Hollow Rocks

    [Rest 3:00 Between Sets]