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CrossFit – Fri, Apr 19

    Train West Van – CrossFit

    Warm Up (No Measure)

    2:00 Machine of Choice

    Glute/Hip Warm Up w/Coach

    Banded Box Squat (Weight)

    In Groups of 3

    Every 1:30 x 9 Rounds

    3 Band Resisted Box Squats @50-60%

    [Don’t worry about the % being accurate, just move the bar with speed against the band resistance]


    3 Regular Box Squat for Speed

    WOD (Time)

    Teams of 2

    For Time

    60 Overhead Squats [65/95lbs]

    400m Run

    60 Front Rack Lunges [65/95lbs]

    400m Run

    60 Hang Power Snatches [65/95lbs]

    400m Run

    **Divide the Run into 2 x 200m Sprints